Somerset Recon offers a wide range of services to help with all of your organization's security needs. We can work closely with your team to analyze your current systems, products, and procedures and build a concrete plan of action. 

Hardware and Software Analysis   -   Consulting   -   Training   -   Penetration Testing   -   Incident Response

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Hardware and Software Analysis

Our team's true calling is digging into systems of all kinds to find their weaknesses. We're experts in reverse-engineering of both hardware and software, utilizing methods like protocol analysis, fuzzing, binary analysis, black box testing, and source code review. Unlike many security firms, we work the full stack, from the low-level circuit board design to the high-level desktop, mobile, and server applications, to find the flaws that others miss. Our team has uncovered vulnerabilities in widely-deployed systems that millions of people use every day.

We can work with your company to develop an analysis plan suited to your product that fits your schedule and budget. We'll find the vulnerabilities, but most importantly, we'll work with your team to recommend mitigation strategies and fixes to best serve your customers.

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As experts in many facets of computer and information security, Somerset Recon can help your company develop plans, policies, and procedures to protect your valuable data, assets, and intellectual property. We think like attackers, which means we can find the gaps in your current systems and help you close them. This includes areas like critical infrastructure, physical security, and even insider threats.

We can help you audit your current security, both of your products and of your business operations. Our team has experience in high-security environments and some staff hold active security clearances.

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Somerset Recon offers customized training in many areas of digital security including analysis techniques, secure coding, code review, encryption, and hardware reverse-engineering. We can help your development teams build more secure systems and show them where their current systems have problems.

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Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing services can help your company protect itself from hackers, corporate espionage, and insider threats. From the physical security of your facilities to the digital security of your networks and servers, our experts can zero-in on your operation's weaknesses and demonstrate where improvement is needed. 

Services include blackbox pentesting, red team testing, wireless security assessment, and infrastructure auditing.

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Incident Response

Serious security breaches happen all the time, but after the initial breach has been cleaned up by a traditional IT security team, it may not be clear exactly how or why the incident occurred. Do the perpetrators still have footholds in your network? Was it a run-of-the-mill phishing attack on personnel, or was it a targeted attack with custom malware and the use of zero-day exploits? Somerset Recon can do this more complex analysis for your company. 

We offer in-depth malware analysis, data breach investigation, and computer forensics to find out what really happened and how to prevent it from happening again. Our staff are on-call for short-notice operations when analysis and attribution are critical.