Somerset Recon has worked with businesses in a wide range of industries. Whether you're a small startup trying to build the next cool fitness tracking device or a major corporation looking to audit a high-security product development operation, we can provide the expertise you need.

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Physical Security

The world of physical security has changed drastically in recent years. Mechanical keys, pins, wheels, and dials have given way to electronics and software. Today's locks, safes, and access control devices are increasingly connected through Bluetooth, WiFi, and a score of proprietary "secure" protocols.

Our experts have been finding flaws in these modern physical security devices for nearly a decade. We've audited the security of numerous products from the top companies in the industry, and we've demonstrated vulnerabilities in all of them. If you're looking to bring a new high-tech physical security product to market, we can provide the critical analysis you need to ensure that your product really has the security that your customers demand.

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Internet of Things

Each day brings a slew of new internet-connected devices into the home. Smart thermostats, door locks, home automation systems, cameras, baby monitors, and even wearable devices are flooding the market. Unfortunately, the security and privacy of these devices is often lacking or non-existent. And worse, most of the companies releasing those devices don't even know it. Conferences are full of talks from security researchers tearing apart new IoT devices, showing how they can hack into them from anywhere in the world, stealing personal information, controlling their function, or even sending spam emails from them.

Somerset Recon has the expertise in embedded security to find these flaws and work with your development team to fix them, before your beloved smart device ends up as the headline on a security researcher's blog.

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Embedded Devices

Whether your company's devices connect to the Internet or not, there are unique security challenges in the embedded world. Vulnerabilities can lead to devices having their functionality compromised with rogue firmware modified by an attacker. Lack of proper protection may leak critical code or encryption keys. Communication protocols used over wired or wireless connections between devices can also be subverted.

Somerset Recon has extensive experience in analyzing the security of embedded devices of all sorts. We can perform black box testing or source code analysis to find places where your design can be improved to protect the integrity of your work and the trust of your customers.

Automotive Security

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Cars are now full-featured personal computers on wheels. They can stream music from the Internet, know their location from GPS, and even unlock themselves over the cellular network. The once-simple world of automotive security (Does it have a lock? Does it have an alarm? How easy is it to hot-wire?) has now turned into a densely-woven mesh of protocols, devices, and technologies.

Would you guess that a car's brakes could be disabled over the phone? Or that the encryption used in the key fob might be cracked? Fortunately, our team understands the implications of these complex interactions in modern automotive systems and we're able to help find potential pitfalls.

SCADA Security

SCADA systems monitor and control many critical infrastructures. We have found that even when our customers believe their system is secure and protected from remote attacks, our experts find easy and vulnerable ways in.  Somerset Recon’s experts have extensive knowledge and expertise in Industrial Control Systems and their security. We understand the potential impact of a serious cyber attack that most other firms do not.  Schedule a consult for your ICS/SCADA overview today to make sure your system is safe.