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Our Team

Somerset Recon is a small team of experts who are absolutely obsessed with security. Staff come from diverse backgrounds including academia, military, big e-commerce, and the underground hacker world. They've presented at major security conferences and authored innovative research papers in security and privacy.

Since 2012, we've been building solutions for top-tier corporations and government agencies. Our customers rely on our expertise and come to us with the really hard problems that few groups can tackle.

Our team's great strength lies in our ability to figure out the security implications of new, complex, little-understood technologies. Everyone at Somerset Recon has deep experience tearing apart devices and systems to understand their dark inner workings.


We're headquartered in beautiful, sunny San Diego, California, which is how we manage to stay so cheerful in the face of the constant assault of security challenges.

Come meet with us in our secret underground lair, or we'll come to you. Our team members are ready to respond to incidents on short notice.