Penetration Tester

Somerset Recon is looking for talented penetration testers who like to break software and embedded devices. We're a small team located in San Diego that focuses on web, embedded/IoT, mobile, hardware security and network penetration testing.


Required Skills:

  • Web application penetration testing

  • Mobile application penetration testing

  • Source code vulnerability analysis

  • Serious problem-solving skills

  • US Citizenship

Good to have Skills:

  • Ability to identify and exploit web vulnerabilities (XSS, CSRF, SQLi, SSRF, arbitrary file upload, etc.)

  • Ability to identify and exploit mobile vulnerabilities (API issues, insecure storage, memory corruption, deep links, etc.)

  • Protocol analysis

  • CTF experience

  • A degree in CS or related field

  • Secure coding practices

  • Cryptography

  • Network penetration testing experience

  • Reading and writing assembly (x86 and ARM)

  • Binary analysis tools and debuggers (IDA Pro, Immunity, WinDbg, etc.)

  • Exploit Development

  • Embedded systems experience


  • Work with an awesome small team

  • Salary, equity, and possible bonuses

  • Conference attendance

  • Flexible work, you'll be involved in determining future projects

  • Paying for training courses

  • Healthcare and vacation benefits

Because we're a small team and projects are constantly changing, our biggest requirement is that you be excited about learning new systems and tools. You should be creative, driven, and have a passion for coming up with clever tricks and unexpected methods.

Send us a resume and tell us about a cool project you've worked on. What was different about it? What did you learn?